To: All Departments
From: The Notes Department (TND)
Re: Greetings

You all work hard to keep the world’s departments in good working order.

You don’t need any help “noticing some things and then making notes for the files and then maybe sometimes putting the files in places where people might see them.”

Yet, The Notes Department (TND) is offering to help anyway.

TND circulates short blurbs and scribble doodles at random times, inspired by inter-departmental meetings, water cooler vibes, interviews, and field work.

Subscribing to TND posts is easy.

  • No more loading paper in the fax/copy/wifi machine. All TND posts just show up! Uh, except when there is a glitch.

  • TND posts are easy to read, especially the nice pictures.

  • Each TND post is also easy to ignore. Simply pretend to have something more important to do when confronted with TND posts.

  • Feeling productive? Use the delete key with gusto to make TND posts disappear. Simple! Do this to increase your billable hours.

The copy machine at The Notes Department is currently not working, so we must rely on you to circulate our latest observations, workflow diagrams, reports, and silly banter.

Please gossip, stick notes on the fridge, and donate free TND posts to those in need of garbles and miscellany.

Subscribe. Check your inboxes. “Help” is on the way :-)

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